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In this bundled collection, you'll get 50 photography presets customized to capturing a wide variety of color palettes + lighting conditions. Included in this Bundle are the Moody Food and Bright Food preset collections, my best-use guide to utilizing the presets in Lightroom, and detailed installation instruction PDF.

50 Food Photography Lightroom Presets

My Preset Best-Practices Guide + Detailed Installation Instruction PDFs

Lifetime access + resends if you lose the files

Presets are .xmp files and .lrtemplate files, and are compatible with all versions of Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Camera RAW, and more!

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Lightroom Preset Bundle

FOOD photography

Presets are basically pre-saved edits for image files. They're a quick and easy way to elevate your photos, edit them quickly, inspire your post-processing, and make your images look extra  eye-catching.

What are Presets?

Each preset is specifically calibrated towards the desired light + mood, like rustic and faded, or a specific colors within your subject + scene, like the vibrant greens of salad or warm baked goods. This makes it easy to find the exact Preset that fits + flatters your food photos and shooting surfaces!

What's special about these Presets?

Once you purchase the presets, you'll be sent a digital file that includes the preset files, Preset Installation Guide PDF, and my Preset Best Practices Guide PDF. Using them is super easy and simple! All you need to do is:

  1. Take a photo with your camera or smart phone
  2. Use one of the compatible photo apps (below) to apply the preset
  3. Export your photo, and that's it! Easy peasy!

You'll also get a PDF guide explaining how to make the best use of your new presets, and have lifetime access to the presets and installation tutorial + preset guides!

What's Included + How to Use Them

These presets can be used with Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile (with Creative Cloud membership), and more!

Both .lrtemplate files (for users with Lightroom version 7.2 and earlier) and .xmp files (for users with Lightroom version 7.3 and later) are included. Due to the digital and non-returnable nature of this product, all sales are final and no refunds are available.


Yes! These presets are nuanced and will work both on footage shot with a camera and on footage shot with a smart phone. To use them on the Lightroom CC Mobile app, you must be an Adobe Creative Cloud member, and you just need to install them on Lightroom on your desktop which will then sync with the Lightroom Mobile (details on this in the PDF instructions in the download).

Can I use them if I shoot on my Phone or my Camera?

and they will do the same for YOU.

Presets have saved me countless hours of editing time and freed me up to focus on other areas of my photography + business

For under $70 you can get an array of versatile travel presets that will instantly make any destination look captivating and create a cohesive look within your photos. I am SO thrilled to be able to share these years of much-loved edits with you—and I'm incredibly excited to help you speed up your workflow and streamline your editing process!

This is the easiest thing you can do to take your photos to the next level—if I were to edit my photos without presets, I'd be spending 90% of my working hours sitting in front of Lightroom searing photos of cake into my retinas.

These Lightroom presets are the result of years of lifestyle photography, and contain presets customized to shooting in varying light conditions, surfaces, and colors. They'll help you form a consistent look and style throughout all your imagery to give your visual voice the extra shine it deserves!