I'm Eva

Hello, friend!

Photographer, Educator, Author, Stylist, and someone you can count on to always have a snack in her purse. I'm so happy you're here. Pull up a seat + let's get you started!

Learn + GROW

(This is the part where we high-five each other)

I know that working smarter is a helluva lot more effective than working harder, and I’m here to lend a helping hand, and guide you through the process of taking that beautiful thing inside you and transforming it into something palpable for the whole world to see.

We create best when it comes from a place of balance, understanding, and passion. 

I believe that the quicker you can improve your skills, the sooner you can start leaving your beautiful mark on the world.

nurturing people is kind of my jam

Let's put together your class schedule and get started!

Welcome to the classroom, where comfy pants are encouraged, dogs + cats + children are welcome additions to your zoom background, and your lunchbreak is whenever you want it to be.

The Course Suite


Want to create beautiful videos without the headache? Reach your people, grow your client work, and share your vision with the world in the most impactful way possible. It's storytelling in a whole new way.


Say goodbye to tedious light blocking techniques, clunky + expensive gear, and time-consuming shadow-shaping. You can do it all in the edit! Join me and Linda Lomelino as we guide you through transforming your images in a snap.


The most in-depth photography + styling program, period. Learn to create beautiful images in your own visual voice in this richly detailed course.


My comprehensive program that shows you how to create a financially + artistically thriving creative business without sacrificing your passion or your personal life.


Whether you're using it as a passive income source, an opt-in to grow your mailing list, a way to showcase your creative abilities, or a tool to market your products, writing a cookbook is the perfect way to connect with your audience and bring a bit of *you* into their home.

Eva really takes the time to thoroughly answer questions and help people at whatever level of expertise they are at--she meets them where they are so sincerely!

I am blown away by what a natural, empathetic, and detailed teacher Eva is. She is so down to earth and her style is so sweet that it makes what would otherwise be a stressful learning experience really exciting!

Eva is there not only as the virtual teacher we know from her blog and Instagram pictures, but also a real person in the live discussions which brings the online course closer to the real-life experience. I love the sense of community Eva creates around her courses and workshops, bringing like-minded people together!