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Food LUTS collection

These video LUTs bring the same vibrant, luminous style that the EKF photo preset collection is known for to video edits. Our debut collection is ideal for food and lifestyle videos where you need a nuanced, polished version of true-to-life light & color.

These LUTs are friendly with footage shot on a camera or a smart phone, click on a LUT product for the full program compatibility details.

15 LUT Video Presets



15 LUT Video Presets


“As host of The Storied Recipe Podcast, my goal is to create compelling images that invite a viewer into the story of a dish. Eva's presets are what allow me to do that. The presets are so versatile! Just as every story has it's own mood, there's a preset that creates magic with the light & colors of every shoot. Eva's presets are the first - and best - investment I ever made in food photography. I'd encourage anyone to make the same choice!”

"Eva's presets are the first - and best - investment I ever made in food photography"

Your Time is Precious

These presets can be used for Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw, and Lightroom CC. To use them on the Lightroom CC Mobile app, you need to have an Adobe cloud subscription, and install them on Lightroom CC on your desktop which will then sync with the Lightroom CC Mobile app.

Both .lrtemplate files (for users with Lightroom version 7.2 and earlier) and .xmp files (for users with Lightroom version 7.3 and later) are included.

These presets collections are the result of years of food + travel photography, and contain presets customized to shooting in varying light conditions and shooting surfaces.

They've also helped me form a consistent look and style throughout all my imagery—from my blog to my cookbooks to my instagram feed—and they will do the same for you.

These presets have saved me countless hours of editing time and freed me up to focus on other areas of my business.

Now, I do genuinely love looking at photos of cake, but that starts to change after hour 3 of sitting hunched over my keyboard with that weird crick seeping into my neck. SO! As a solution to the editing grind, I started making my own presets.

If I were to edit my photos without presets, I'd be spending 90% of my working hours sitting in front of Lightroom searing photos of cake into my retinas.