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For creatives who want to take that gorgeous image out of their mind’s eye and bring it into a stunning real-life capture

Eva Kosmas Flores

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Enrollment Opens 2022

    Draw in clients + customers through your jaw-dropping photos

    Bring the image you have in your mind into the one you see in your camera

    Feel comfortable + confident styling, shooting, and editing your images

    Create a consistent look + feel throughout your entire visual brand

    Eliminate pre-shoot anxiety, knowing that you can make juuuuust about anything look beautiful with your wild skills

    Imagine what it would feel  like to: 

    But popping the dream bubble for a second, the current reality isn’t quite there yet . . . .

    Instead, you keep being told that to grow on social + online you need to create this beautiful feed + website, but you’re struggling with it.

    You know that as more people enter your creative field, you need to make your work stand out from the crowd and catch attention, but learning on your own is SO time consuming and your progress feels like it’s inching along.

    Every time you try taking pictures, you end up with this ball of frustrated anxiety growing in the pit of your stomach because what you have in your mind just won’t come through into the camera.

    You hear people brag all the time about being self-taught, but I’m here to tell you that’s not what it appears to be. Being ‘self-taught’ just means that they had to struggle alone in frustration for YEARS while making tiny incremental progress—and you don’t have to.

    Hi there! I’m Eva Kosmas Flores, and after teaching thousands of hours of photography + styling courses in-person and online, I’ve created a course that distills down everything YOU need to know to create a beautiful photo. Everything you’ll learn is based on practical techniques + applications, so that you can master creating your own eye-catching content and feel confident while doing it!




    Let's Do This Thing Together in a Few Weeks!

    including a video tutorial detailing how to shoot tethered both wired and wirelessly, a Project Proposal Template to make pitching projects to clients seamless and professional, an invitation to a private Facebook group, where we can continue to forge to connections + provide the support established in our zoom calls, and more!

    Plus BONUS content (woohoo!)

    so you can easily read through to re-iterate the lessons, and if you're hearing impaired or English is your second language, you'll always know + understand what's happening

    Closed captions + written transcripts for Every video

    from Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts to a Manual Shooting Settings Cheat Sheet to a Shooting Angle Checklist and more, these printables will help speed up your learning process and relieve the pressure of having to keep everything in your head

    Printable Guides for Easy Reference

    that includes every piece of equipment + program I mention in the course, so you have all the right equipment + recommended tools and resources at your disposal, from lenses to shooting surfaces

    The Photography + Styling + Branding Course Gear List

    that correspond to each lesson to help you put your newfound skills into practice and forge that mind-body connection

    Hands-on Exercises

    With richly detailed information and approachable explanations, plus loads of example images to help guide you through the concepts + techniques you're learning about

    150-page Guidebook

    In addition to the pre-recorded course video lessons, you'll also have LIVE group zoom meetings with me twice a month for the first 3 months of the course from March to May, so you can get clarity, have your questions answered, + have  consistent support

    LIVE discussions every 2 weeks

    Over 9 hours of permanent recorded video tutorials with hands-on demonstrations (no hours of talking head shots and slides, here!)

    Lifetime access to all the course content

    YOU GET:

    7 Lessons with a total of 29 Video Modules, Including:

    Video Gear List

    Workbook w/Exercises

    36-Page Food Video + Stop Motion E-Book

    Including shooting top-down food videos, stop motion videos, editing video in Adobe Premiere, and creating stop motion videos in Adobe Photoshop.

    8 In-Depth Video Lessons

    These resources will save you time, energy, and headache that comes from those business growing pains. Included are Email Templates for Food + Lifestyle Bloggers (including pitch emails), my Client Communication Checklist, and My Pricing Guide!

    Plus an ENTIRE  Additional Course Devoted to flatlay Video + Stop Motion!

    Photography Business Resources

    Every visual creative has a unique perspective to share with the world, and that's why there's FOUR different Media Kit Templates for you to choose from. With a variety of warm, cool, modern, and rustic vibes, you're sure to find the right fit for you! Each template can be customized with your own images, colors, and typefaces. And whether you want to edit in Canva or InDesign, I've you covered!

    4x Media Kit Templates

    In this bundled collection, you'll get over one hundred photography presets customized to a wide variety of styles + lighting conditions. Inside this Bundle are the Moody Food Presets, Bright Food Presets, North Travel Presets, and South Travel Presets, and my best-use guide to utilizing the presets in Lightroom.

    My Permanent Lightroom Preset Collection of 100+ Presets

    The past year has shown how important video skills are in a creative's toolkit, and being able to quickly throw together a beautiful stop motion or cooking video for social media is not only incredibly useful for your own platform, but it's a highly lucrative client offering to add to your creative skillset.

    I love using stop motion videos for quick plug + play content for social media, and food videos for more in-depth client offerings.

    What's inside:

    WHEN YOU GET THE BUNDLE, you’ll also get access to:

    Want to do the Classic course ....or are you ready for the Bundle?

    All of the 9+ hours of pre-recorded video tutorials are permanent resources for you to go through at your own pace and rewatch as many times as you'd like, at any time. You have lifetime access to all the course content, from videos to pdf guides to bonuses.

    It lays a foundation of resources you'll have in your creative toolkit for years to come, while giving you that personal + live support as you grow!

    It's BOTH!

    Is it live or can I go at my own pace?

    This combination of both permanent *and* live resources makes the best possible learning experience.

    We also have LIVE course Q&A discussions on zoom every 2 weeks for 12 weeks starting in March and going through May, to answer any questions that have come up as you're going through the material and putting it into practice.

    Linda Lomelino is a master of both vertical and horizontal videography, and the Instagram reels she creates for herself and for clients are absolutely breathtaking and other-worldly. I am SO grateful + excited that she is doing an exclusive live Q&A with us on zoom centered around all of your video questions on March 11th at 10 am Pacific Time!

    Worried that you won't be able to make the live Q&A? I got you! It will be recorded and uploaded to the course afterwards, so you can watch it as many times as you'd like, as often as you'd like.

    Plus some extra LIVE  bonuses!

    Zoom Q&A with Linda Lomelino About Shooting Video + IG Reels

    The range of colors, tones, light, frames, and subjects in Bea Lubas' stunning array of images are a testament to her pursuit of creative growth and a never-ending curiosity. I'm so honored that acclaimed author, photographer, and stylist Bea Lubas will be joining us to share her practices and techniques for nourishing original and inspired creative thought. The zoom discussion will take place on March 18th at 9:30 am Pacific Time / 5:30 pm London Time. I can't wait!

    Zoom Seminar and Q&A with Bea Lubas About Cultivating Creativity



    “I'm thrilled with how far my work and aesthetic has evolved. I credit Eva's course for playing a huge role in that.”


    Eva’s First We Eat Photography-Storytelling-Branding course has been a valuable resource in my growth as a food photographer. When I look back at my earlier photos, I kinda cringe but I’m also thrilled with how far my work and aesthetic has evolved. I credit Eva’s course with playing a huge role in that development. Her course helped me to better understand the use of props, lighting, and thoughtful staging to create a particular mood and natural-looking presentation where every element has a true purpose for being present in the scene. Through Eva’s course, I learned to manipulate light and use specific equipment and editing techniques to help me tell the visual food stories that I always wanted to express through my photography, but often had trouble achieving. I love that Eva’s course is broken down into easily digestible sections that are designed to demystify food photography. I’ve always been drawn to Eva’s beautiful signature photography and this course not only brims with her trademark creativity but also provides an easy-to-follow roadmap on how to build upon the skills learned to not only improve today but continue to elevate and hone skills beyond the coursework. If you want to improve your images and get busy creating your own mouth-watering pictures of food, I whole-heartedly recommend Eva’s Photography-Storytelling-Branding course. It’s been a game changer for me."

    My complete Lightroom preset collection of 100+ presets

    4X Media Kit Templates

    My best-use guide to putting those presets to use in Lightroom

    Email Templates for Food + Lifestyle Bloggers + Photographers

    Client Checklist for Food Bloggers + Photographers

    My Pricing Guide



    7 lessons with a total of 29 modules, with over 8 hours of video tutorials, including:



    best value!

    ⬅ All of that, PLUS:

    ⬆ All of that, PLUS:

    Course Options

    Lesson 1 — Camera Settings
    Lesson 2 — Lenses + Focal Lengths
    Lesson 3 — Working with Light
    Lesson 4 — Styling + Storytelling
    Lesson 5 — Branding + Social Media
    Lesson 6 — Adobe Lightroom
    Lesson 7 — Creating Cinemagraphs

    13 Hands-On Exercises

    That correspond to each lesson to help you put your newfound skills into practice.

    A 150-Page Guidebook

    With with richly detailed information plus example images to help guide you through the course

    Transcripts of Every Video

    So no need for note-taking, plus extra clarity if English is your second language or you're hearing impaired.

    My Recommended Gear List

    This resource outlines every piece of equipment + resource I mention in the course.

    Printable Guides + References

    These printables will  speed up your learning process + relieve the pressure of having to keep everything in your head

    Plus BONUS Content (woohoo!)

    LIVE discussions + Q&A's on zoom every 2 weeks for 3 months to answer any questions you have!

    A video tutorial + written guide detailing how to shoot tethered both wired + wirelessly.

    Customizable Client Project Proposal Template

    Live Q&A with Linda Lomelino all about creating videos and IG Reels.

    Live Cultivating Creativity Seminar with Bea Lubas
    And if you pay in-full, you'll also get my file storage + back-up guide that shows you how to safely store + back-up those huge RAW image files.

    My complete video + stop motion course, including:

    Module 1
    Creating Top-Down Videos

    Lesson 1 — Video Shooting Set-Ups
    Lesson 2 — Video Camera Settings
    Lesson 3 — Shooting the Video
    Lesson 4 — Editing in Adobe Premiere

    Module 2
    Creating Stop-Motion Videos

    Lesson 1 — Introduction to Stop Motion
    Lesson 2 — Gear + Tools
    Lesson 3 — Capturing Stop Motion
    Lesson 4 — Editing Your Stop Motion Video in Lightroom + Photoshop

    Exclusive E-book

    "A Guide to Food Videos + Stop Motion", which addresses all of the above in text-form.


    Containing 8 hands-on exercises corresponding to each lesson to help you put your newfound skills into practice.

    Gear List

    With hyperlinks to all the video equipment discussed in the course.

    Premiere Workspace Template

    So that your Premiere program layout will be set up exactly the same as the one we use in the course.

    Shot List Template

    So you can quickly and easily create an organized-workflow for your video. 

    "Eva's course was absolutely amazing and the exact thing I needed to boost my photography skills!"

    HER review

    Let's do this thing!

    Lifetime Access

    When you join, you won't be beholden to a deadline. And you won't be asked to pay some additional fee to extend access. I want you to be able to reference the program as many times as you want, whenever you want. Whether that's months, seasons, or years from now, you can count on this this course to be there for you!

    After college, I started shooting digital and fell completely in love with the capabilities of DSLR cameras. I've seen trends come and go, technology change, and have been there since the birth of social media (WILD times!)

    I'm an enneagram type 2 wing 3, 'The Hostess' (which means I love helping + nurturing others), I have a moderate houseplant-collecting compulsion, I love gardening, my husband, my dogs, my chickens, and my cat, my mother + sister + brother are teachers, and I love bodies of water but can't swim.

    I learned how to use my DSLR on my own through YEARS of small incremental progress and frustration, back before online courses + workshops existed. The transition from film to digital was….difficult. I was doing it on the weekends of my very-stressful day job, and felt overwhelmed 99.99% of the time.

    My path was a really frustrating and painful one for those first few years—but yours doesn’t have to be.

    I have a Saveur-nominated food blog, Adventures in Cooking, and have authored + photographed two cookbooks, one of which (First We Eat) was nominated by IACP for best cookbook of 2019. I’ve shot for clients as big as 7-Up, and as small as local restaurants. I’ve done takeovers on the @Instagram main feed (I still pinch myself about that one!), my work’s been featured in dozens of magazines + publications, I've taught thousands of students from every continent (except Antartica...for now!), and I work full-time doing what I love.

    It wasn't always like this though...

    Basically—teaching is in my DNA, helping things grow brings me more joy than anything in the world, and somebody's gotta keep an eye on me at the beach.

    full disclosure before you read any further

    There is no medal for punishing yourself and doing things the hard way.


    I created this course because I want passionate folks like YOU to be able to share their vision with the world, without feeling alone + lost in the learning process.

    Instead, let’s start your journey together! No struggling on your own, no questions with no one to answer them, no frustrations about what to do next.


    I’m here to lend a helping hand, and guide you through the process of taking that beautiful thing inside you and transforming it into something palpable for the whole world to see.

    “I've learned things in her course that I haven't seen anywhere  else.”

    sam adler - saveur award winner frosting and fettuccine

    "Eva's course is taught SO incredibly in depth, I learned things in her course that I haven't seen anywhere else! She gives immediate action tips for growth and also longer assignments to help you reach your full potential. I liked that the modules in each lesson weren't too long or overwhelming and still had a TON of useful information and learning packed into them. I absolutely loved the styling sessions and highly highly recommend this course to help you grow your food photography career!"

    Bonus #1

    2X/Monthly Live Q&A Discussions on Zoom

    The power of community is real, and through our 12 weeks of twice monthly LIVE Q&A discussions with me on zoom, you'll have your questions answered, connect with other creatives, and have a community of accountability and support around you. Plus, lifetime access to our exclusive private facebook group, where you can continue that discussion outside of our zoom calls.


    Plus a few

    Bonus #2

    Comprehensive Gear List

    Nothing is more frustrating than following along with a tutorial and realizing your equipment is completely different than theirs. I’ve spent years testing out various types and pieces of equipment, and I’m sharing the ones that I recommend + love with you! You’re getting my recommended gear list, including both physical goods, like my go-to tripod and favorite ceramicists, and digital goods, like my favorite email list building platform.

    Bonus #3

    Tethering Tutorial

    Shooting tethered is a great way to see your image displayed on your computer’s big screen as you’re shooting. It makes it so much easier to spot any issues and make corrections during the shooting process! I’ll guide you through it via my video tutorial all about shooting tethered, including shooting tethered with a cable vs shooting tethered with the wireless connection in wifi-enabled cameras.

    Pay-in-Full  Bonus

    File Storage + Back-up Guide

    Dealing with those huuuuge RAW files is a headache for every photographer, and after 16 years of working with them, I have a safe and simple storage solution that I'm sharing with you in this richly detailed guide! It will keep you from loosing your entire body of work if anything happens to one of your hard drives, and ensure that you have a stress-free system in place that keeps your computer running as fast as ever!



    “This course has been one of the best investments for me”

    shreyaa n. @the.food.letters

    This course has been one of the best investments for me. It was a lot for me to invest but the presentation was so convincing that I took the leap and I couldn’t be happier! To learn things like textural contrast, showing multiple food stories with a simple fruit like orange, using fabric in the right way, and all of it using natural lighting is just fantastic. The entire program has been a great source of learning. I still go back to the course when I feel stuck. Above it all, I’ve been able to connect with Eva and it’s just wonderful how she readily helps when nothing else seems to work.

    “Eva's course was just what I needed.”

    courtney west @courtweststudio

    "You know those moments when you find yourself in a creative rut and can't quite seem to get out of it? Eva's course was just what I needed to not only get out of that rather deep rut, but to feel inspired to keep honing and sharpening my photography skills, especially with regards to food photography. As a self-taught photographer, it was awesome to have a very clear and concise course that covered camera settings, photo editing, composition, and branding across various social media platforms. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel like I have renewed my passion for photography!"

    “It was worth far more than I paid. I progressed ten times as fast in my journey as a food photographer than I would have without Eva's guidance.”

    deborah johnson @scatterdaycafe

    "I have absolutely loved taking this class. I am blown away by what a natural, empathetic, and detailed teacher Eva is. She really is a gifted and natural teacher—she has found her calling! Eva makes food photography approachable, fun, and inspirational, whereas otherwise I’d feel so overwhelmed and stuck, not knowing where to start. Plus she is so down to earth and her style is so sweet that it makes what would otherwise be a stressful learning experience really exciting. I appreciate all the work she puts into creating such a detailed and valuable course. Sometimes with online courses you are worried they will be all fluff, but with Eva’s course, it was the opposite. I don’t feel like you can put a price on all that valuable knowledge and inspiration, it was worth far more than I paid. I progressed ten times as fast in my journey as a food photographer than I would have without Eva’s guidance. And I’m creating images I’m actually excited about for the first time! Any skills I have been able to acquire as a food photographer I feel like I owe to Eva. So here is a huge, huge, thank you! If she is ever in Dallas, I owe her a drink or dinner! I owe her so much for all I’ve learned from her! (Also please keep creating such great courses! I’ve enjoyed the two I’ve taken so far and can’t wait for more!) "

    “I am so, so grateful that I found Eva's course when I did.”

    "I am so, so grateful that I found Eva's course when I did. It really helped me to understand Lightroom in much more depth and made me think a lot more about colour theory when styling my images. I attribute Eva's course to helping me to polish up my photography in general but also to help me realize that not every style is for me. Finding our personal style is a process of practice and being more in tune with what feels natural. Thank you so much for your wonderful course and insights Eva!"


    Sarah Bell, Photographer + Blogger
    Our Nourishing Table

    “This is the only course you will ever need to better your food photography.”

    "I have followed and admired Eva’s work for a while now, always wishing I could be as good a photographer as she is. I finally took the plunge and signed up to her online course and It’s the best investment I have ever made. The course is magic! Eva explains every detail of photography with clear, simple and detailed instructions. Since taking the course I can see the improvements in the pictures I am taking. If you ever want to learn about photography, look no further. This is the only course you will ever need to better your food photography. Eva is not only a brilliant photographer but a wonderful human being and that shines through which is also one of the reasons I am drawn to her work. It comes from an authentic place. Thank you Eva for giving this newbie the confidence to take not just beautiful pictures but to also be able to tell a story through it."

    “I have been pursuing food photography for under a year and have been able to make leaps and bounds in my photography skills, all thanks to this course.”

    "I honestly owe it all to Eva. Being a trained chef, I always thought it was a shame I could create a beautiful dish, only to last a few moments before it was devoured. 


    Pam Jones, Bespoke Wedding Cakes + Cookies 
    Lemon Tree Cakes

    Many times, I tried to capture a picture of it so the dish could last not only in my memory. Every time I was disappointed and actually put off how the photo reflected the dish. Most of the time deleting the photo and giving up. I listened in on one of Eva’s free tutorials and instantly felt connected to her as a person, her photography style and teaching methods. To learn I need it all; to listen, to read, to take notes and to watch in action. Her course does all that with perfection. I was a beginner, the greenest of the green and Eva gave me the courage to pick up my camera and start. I feel like food photography is a part of me that was always missing. If it wasn’t for the perfect timing to come across her course, this “idea” to pursue food photography may have been missed and a part of me that may have never been explored. That is why I owe it all to Eva. I have been pursuing food photography for under a year and have been able to make leaps and bounds in my photography skills, all thanks to this course. Now, having a better understanding for the basics, I have gone back and watched classes again to gain even more knowledge. The classes are packed full of timeless useful information. I could seriously ramble and rave on and on about the Photography + Styling + Branding Course as I am eternally grateful for Eva sharing her gift of photography with us all. Thank you, Eva!"

    Mary Turner, Photographer + Blogger, Well Nourished Palate

    “This course is nothing short of magic.”

    "In the last couple years, I realized what I wanted to pursue was a career that revolved around food. Slowly honing in on what that would look like, I knew that photography would be the foundation for my future site and food blog. I learned some very basic photography skills several years ago, in high school, and attempted to Google and Youtube more informative instruction over time (which is a method of learning I don't enjoy). After countless wasted hours of trying to self-teach online, I still desperately needed clear cut direction and answers. Enter Eva. I've followed and admired Eva for a few years - always wishing I could go to her workshops or Secret Suppers, but never finding the right time or wiggle room in the budget. When she announced she was releasing this course, I was elated! At the brink of boiling over with the desire to finally take the leap and follow my dreams, there was no more room to make excuses and NOT invest in myself. This course is nothing short of magic. Eva gently draws back the veil and gives clear, simple, and richly detailed instruction. Instead of wasting hours searching the vast void of the Internet, I happily found that all the answers I sought have been neatly capsuled in this beautifully conducted course. Not only have I learned SO MUCH technically, but I feel more confident and capable in tackling my passion and future. Thank you, Eva, for bridging the gap, eliminating my insecurity, and placing me within reach of my dreams."

    Caroline Bergeron, Photographer + Blogger, Inherited Salt

    At the end of the year, you can hardly believe how far you've come from where you started. You have a range of gorgeous images you're proud of, a supportive creative network, and a life you love. Turns out, investing in yourself is definitely worth it!

    1 YEAR LATER...

    You ask questions + share experiences at the live Q&A discussions with me + the course on zoom. We'll meet 2x a month for 12 weeks, so you can get the support + accountability you need to make progress.


    You go through the course video lessons at the pace that works best for you (you have lifetime access, so no need to rush!) + start applying what you're learning through the guides + exercises.


    How it works

    “One of the key aspects of this course for me was that I could access the materials at my own pace whenever I had time, there was no need to strictly follow a schedule or to finish the course before a deadline.”

    michaela DÖRFLEROVÁ
    @ 1001 voyagesgourmands

    "I really did enjoy Eva's course so much, it was just absolutely amazing and the exact thing I needed to boost my photography skills! Every time I was looking forward to seeing the next videos she prepared for each lesson. The course materials are marvelous and include comprehensive written scripts, videos, or mp3 with her guidance, in-depth explanations, tutorials with examples clearly described on her own beautiful photography work. Each lesson made me thirsty for the next one, as I knew I would again learn plenty of new things! It made me feel like I was approaching perfection when following her course! :)

    I love how complete the course is - it starts with the basics where even practicing food photographers can learn something new, but it also offers a lot for those who already feel advanced in food photography. Eva is one of the most talented food photographers out there and I am happy that through her course, she helped me to work and define my personal style, deepened my knowledge base, and become more creative using various styling, storytelling, and composition techniques she teaches.

    I had been hesitating about enrolling as I only do photography on the side next to my full-time job and having a young toddler at home, but I am happy I did enroll - one of the key aspects of this course for me was that I could access the materials at my own pace whenever I had time, there was no need to strictly follow a schedule or to finish the course before a deadline. The difference and added value I see in this course compared to other online photography courses I've taken are the facts that she's a great teacher that provides enough clarity and challenge, but also the live Zoom meetings that are part of the course where we can ask our questions and get more clarifications directly from Eva.

    She is there not only as a virtual teacher we know from her blog and Instagram pictures but also a real person in the live discussions which brings the online course closer to the real-life experience. I also loved that she shared with us her personal tips, favorite sources of props, or tools that others can benefit from too. There was a nice interaction between the other students, fellow photographers with whom we can network further even after the course! I love the sense of community Eva creates around her courses and workshops, bringing like-minded people together! I highly recommend this course as a great investment into your development as a food photographer!"

    “She meets you where you are so sincerely.”

    ingrid johnson @ onwardranching

    "I can honestly say that taking courses from Eva was just so lovely. I have taken courses with two other online mentors. One only answered 4-5 questions that were put into messages and mostly chatted with her assistant during the Q & A….. filling time…You couldn’t ask any live questions----It was horrible----I left the call feeling taken for the course. Eva has been the opposite—really taking the time to thoroughly answer questions and not rush everyone---and help people at whatever level of expertise they are at----she meets you where you are so sincerely!"

    frequently asked questions

    Access to the course NEVER expires. You’ll always have access to it, plus any updates we make to the course as technology + cameras progress!

    The course is completely flexible, you can do it slowly just on the weekends, or you can dive all-in and go through it Mad Max-style. There is no set time-table for the course, it's intended for you to move at the pace that works best for you to learn.

    This course starts with the basics and builds from there to more advanced techniques. This way, you begin with a foundation of knowledge that you can apply the new skills you’re learning to as the course goes along. It’s meant to help you build your skill level as you progress through the lessons + modules.

    Yes, you can use a mirrorless camera or a DSLR. A DSLR or mirrorless camera will give you the most control over the final image and have the highest image quality, so investing in one is definitely a good idea if this is something you want to pursue.

    All the equipment we recommend for the course is linked to in our Gear List pdf, which will be emailed to you upon purchasing the course. It's full of hyperlinks to all the equipment discussed in the course, so you don't have to worry about googling anything or accidentally ordering the wrong thing :)

    Yes! All the videos are available for streaming immediately, and they can be downloaded starting 30 days after the course starts. All course documents are available for immediate downloading, too!

    If you want to learn Adobe Lightroom, you will need to download the program. I also highly recommend downloading Cinemagraph Pro (you can use the code EVAKOSMAS for 10% off the program via the application link) for the cinemagraph portion of the course.

    14-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

    When you join, you'll be a part of a community of passionate and and warm creatives who are just as committed to and excited about growing their skillset as you are.

    By the end of the 14 days, you'll have access to all of the course materials and the bonuses, including the Facebook group and the Live Q&A's. This means you'll be able to go through as much of the course as you'd like *before* making a final commitment. If you don't feel like you're improving in your business abilities, just reach out, show me you've done the work, and I’ll gladly give you a refund. [Full details here]

    “The course is a real treasure for any food photographer: beginning or experienced.”

    stefanie spoelder
    food photographer

    "Eva’s Online Course helped me to give my food photography business a big boost. All the topics I can think of are covered in this course. I love the fact that you can approach the material in a manageable way, at your own pace. I especially enjoyed watching the videos. Eva is such a wonderful teacher. She explains all topics in an inspiring, professional and calm way. I paused the videos when I wanted to take notes, or whenever I get so excited to start and implement the tips & tricks right away. The course is a real treasure and investment for any food photographer: beginner or experienced. I assure you, you’ll learn something new that generates business or inspiration. Eva thank you so much for sharing all your thoughts, skills and experiences!"

    Study at your own pace

    Q&A's to give you clarity

    Grow your support network

    Follow a proven roadmap

    If you tuned into my lighting masterclass, you know that there is SO much more that goes into creating a beautiful image than just the fancy expensive gear you have (my lighting kit totals around $41). In the course I’ll explain why some cameras cost a lot more than others (hint! It has to do with something called a sensor), and some work arounds for older DSLR cameras that might not have certain setting options, like how to connect and use a remote interval timer if your camera doesn’t have an internal interval timer. (That might sound like jibberish now but in the course it will all make sense, I promise!)

    I don't know if I have a good enough camera.


    Time is not something you have to worry about with this course. You get lifetime access, you can go at your own pace, everything from videos to pdfs can be downloaded, there is no rush whatsoever. I want you to go at the pace that works best for you to *learn*.


    I've taught thousands of hours of courses, both online and in person. Half the attendees of my advanced Croatia retreat were repeat students from previous entry level workshops I've taught. What I teach and *how* I teach truly resonates with my students. I’m an open book and I share *everything* about creating beautiful images with you in this course. But you don’t have to take it from me. This page is covered top to bottom with testimonials from successful + happy students. They didn’t shout their praises for nothin’! :)


    Let’s sit crooked and talk straight—I don’t want to give you fluff. I know your time is valuable, and I don’t want to waste it with irrelevant side tracks and long boring monologues. Everything in the course has been distilled down to help you learn and improve as quickly and simply as possible. There’s over 8 hours of video content broken down into 7 lessons and over 29 modules, with assignments for you to complete paired with each lesson, so it will take time to work through it, but a very *manageable* amount of time.

    I specifically created this course to be approachable and give you results in the shortest amount of time possible.

    And there is LOADS of hands-on examples and behind-the-scenes footage. You won’t be sitting there watching a talking head non-stop for hours at a time in this course! I physically show you how to do each of the techniques I cover in the course, and give you visual examples of how to apply them + make them a reality. Because as creatives, we tend to learn best by visual example, not just someone sitting there verbally explaining something to us.

    I believe in SHOWING rather than telling, and my signature Photography + Styling + Branding Course does just that. It pulls back the creative curtain and shows you how to easily craft your own stunning images in your unique and signature style.


    “I decided to join Eva's photography course, and it has been the best decision I've made this year.”

    tamar kobalt

    I decided to join Eva’s photography course, and it has been the best decision I've made this year. Her course taught me how to think as a food photographer, how to prepare for the shoot, and what to keep in mind while shooting. These are all extremely valuable skills that would have taking me months, if not years, to figure all out by myself. Thank you, Eva, for making my life easier in this regard. My favorite part of the course was definitely composition and styling. Before taking the course, I literally thought that the rule of thirds was the only rule in food photography composition. But, the knowledge she shared with us opened the door to numerous other compositional possibilities, that are way more creative and interesting than the rule of thirds. Since I took Eva’s photography course, people are noticing improvements in my work. I still have a long way to go, but now I have a general understanding of what food photography entails and what it could become if done correctly. It could become art, and that's what I'm aiming for. Thank you. Eva is a professional photographer, great teacher, stream of inspiration, and a wonderful human being. Thank you Eva for being so helpful throughout the entire course. It was an honor to be able to talk to and get advice from a photographer of your caliber.

    “I have attended many workshops and courses in the past and not one of them has come close to giving me as much information as Eva's online course has.”

    effi tsoukatos
    photographer + blogger
    sydney food sisters

    "Participating in Eva’s online course over a year ago gave me the necessary push I needed to turn my passion for food and photography into a full time career. Eva has thought of everything possible, covering so much ground in such a wonderfully presented way. The care and thought that she has taken into putting together such a detailed course is amazing. Her knowledge about this industry blows me away, as does her ability to impart her knowledge so well. Her great video tutorials mean that she is there with you, guiding you along at every step of the learning process. The written materials are comprehensive, full of great detail and specific information, I often find myself referring back to them when I need a creative boost or need to double check a camera setting. I have attended many workshops and courses in the past and not one of them has come close to giving me as much information as Eva’s online course has. The course material is relevant and useful on so many levels. It taught me how to use my camera well, helped with my composition and styling, gave me the confidence to use Lightroom in a more detailed way and gave me so much useful information about how I could boost my social media presence. Taking her course was the best thing I ever did when transitioning into my photography career, it equipped me with the necessary tools and confidence to go out there and give it a shot! Thank you so much Eva, I will be forever grateful!"

    “You can tell that Eva really wants everyone to become the best food photographer they can be!”

    heidi montoya
    event planner + photographer

    "I've been shooting photos a long time and used Lightroom when I was working as a professional photo editor. I'm fairly new to photographing food and was utterly delighted by how thorough Eva’s classes were. I don't think she left any stone unturned. I really love how passionate she is about each part of the process.

    Even though I've been shooting digitally for many years I learned several new things that helped me understand my camera better. I was also blown away by your Lightroom section. I've been using the same functions in that program and Eva really opened my eyes to what more I could be doing. So thank you!

    I also appreciate all the other information she gave so freely about equipment, styling, supplies and social media. Her generosity of spirit really shows through in everything that you do and the passion she has for food photography is truly inspiring. You can tell that she really wants everyone to become the best food photographer that they can be! I thought her class was reasonably priced and actually felt once I had seen the quality and how much work Eva had put into it that it was worth much more than I had paid.

    Thank you for making it so accessible! I'm looking forward to the future assignments. Thanks again Eva. I hope that one day we get to meet in person!"

    This isn’t the time for the comparison game or imposter syndrome.

    If you’re still reading this, I know you’re a creative soul that’s feeling the call to create something greater than yourself.

    For all of us, this past year has brought into focus what really matters. And if you’re seeking permission to intentionally make your passion a part of your life and invest in yourself — nobody can give that permission but you.

    Whether or not you decide to join me, I just want you to try and incorporate that passion into your being.

    Even if it’s just for a few minutes a week—little by little, it will make each week brighter than the last. It might take you someplace you never even imagined—and it might find you at home but fulfilled.

    And in the end, that’s all that matters.

    Know that I’m here for you, whenever you’re ready to take that step. I got your back ♡

    Your forever cheerleader,


    For now, I want to help you get started.