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For creatives who want to take that gorgeous image out of their mind’s eye and bring it into a stunning real-life capture

- Lili Crosset of @legreenstudio

I’ve known Eva and her gorgeous work for years now and was lucky enough to learn from her through course and workshop! Not only is Eva an amazing food photographer, but she truly is a wonderful and caring teacher. Her talent, her generosity and teaching skills allow Eva to be an amazing mentor and she has helped me make leaps and bounds in my images. 



- Lu Quesada of @lucrecia_Quesada_

Eva's teaching system is very complete, not only for all the knowledge she shares through her in-depth and amazing videos, but also for all the extra materials and resources she offers. One of the best additions she provides is the live zoom calls to ask questions. Because she has extensive technical, creative, and business knowledge, you can ask any question you have and I assure you that Eva will answer it! She does not keep any secrets to herself. If you apply everything you learn in the course, you will definitely improve and see incredible results in your work.



- Sara Loureiro of @happylifeinthekitchen

Learning with Eva has been the best decision I've made! She's a wonderful teacher and human being.




This course has been one of the best investments for me. It was a lot for me to invest but the presentation was so convincing that I took the leap and I couldn’t be happier! To learn things like textural contrast, showing multiple food stories with a simple fruit like orange, using fabric in the right way, and all of it using natural lighting is just fantastic. The entire program has been a great source of learning. I still go back to the course when I feel stuck. Above it all, I’ve been able to connect with Eva and it’s just wonderful how she readily helps whenever I need it.



The proof is in Our students' Captures!


These extra 10 custom-made Lightroom Mobile preset files will add a polished look + feel to your images and save you hours of time editing your captures. Whether you're looking to create a bright + poppy, dark + mysterious, or lush + vibrant look to your photos, I've got you covered. Say hello to your instant image glow-up!

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Get an in-depth look at my styling + shooting process as you shadow me in this live photoshoot on zoom! You'll be able (and encouraged!) to ask questions at any point in the process as we collaborate + craft an image together virtually. From lighting to styling to composition and camera settings, we're diving into it all!

Live Behind-the-Scenes Styling + Shooting Session with Me on Zoom


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10-Pack of My Custom-Made Lightroom Mobile Presets


Winter Bonus!

A $295 VALUE — FREE!

The range of colors, tones, light, frames, and subjects in Bea Lubas' stunning array of images are a testament to her pursuit of creative growth and a never-ending curiosity. I'm so honored that acclaimed author, photographer, and stylist Bea Lubas will be joining us to share her practices and techniques for nourishing original and inspired creative thought. The zoom discussion will take place on March 2nd at 9 am Pacific Time/5 pm London Time.

Cultivating Creativity Seminar with Bea Lubas


expires in

A $295 VALUE — FREE!

Linda Lomelino is a master of both vertical and horizontal videography, and the Instagram reels she creates for herself and for clients are absolutely breathtaking and other-worldly. I am SO grateful + excited that she is doing an exclusive live Q&A with us on zoom centered around all of your video questions on March 6th at 10 am Pacific Time/6pm London Time!

Live Q&A with Linda Lomelino All About Video




These live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your course afterwards 👍

Draw in clients + customers through your jaw-dropping photos

Bring the image you have in your mind into the one you see in your camera

Feel comfortable + confident styling, shooting, and editing your images

Create a consistent look + feel throughout your entire visual brand

Eliminate pre-shoot anxiety, knowing you can make juuuuust about anything look beautiful with your wild skills 🙌

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If the answer is yes, then....

Hi there! I’m Eva Kosmas Flores, and after teaching thousands of hours of photography + styling courses in-person and online, I’ve created a course that distills down everything YOU need to know to create a beautiful photo. Everything you’ll learn is based on practical techniques + applications, so that you can master creating your own eye-catching content and feel confident while doing it!




Let's Do This Thing Together in a Few Weeks!

Visual storytelling is kind of my thing...

Become the creative you WERE MEANT TO BE...

If you're ready to finally be able to take that image out of your mind's eye and bring it into reality, feel confident in your creative abilities, and say goodbye to endless frustration, I'm here to help you do it!

Let's equip you with the skills to create beautiful images in your *own* voice at every step of your creative journey, whether you're just starting out or are already shooting!

Learn through my signature


what's inside

Lesson One

Knowing the ins and outs of your camera is the first step in creating beautiful imagery. It allows you to take an image out of your mind’s eye and put it out into the real world. Understanding how your camera works will help you shoot faster, and more efficiently. Plus there’s SO many incredible tools within DSLR + mirrorless cameras, it’s awesome to know the mind-blowing things they’re capable of!


Module 1 — Aperture, Shutterspeed, ISO, RAW vs JPEG

Module 2 — Live View + Focus Modes + Capturing Motion

Module 3 — Shooting Mode Dial + Exposure

Module 4 — How to Photograph Yourself in Frame + Remotely

Module 1 — Aperture, Shutterspeed, ISO, RAW vs JPEG
Module 2 — Live View + Focus Modes + Capturing Motion
Module 3 — Shooting Mode Dial + Exposure
Module 4 — How to Photograph Yourself in Frame + Remotely

In Lesson 1, we'll go over:

lesson Two

In Lesson 2, we'll go over:

Deciding what lens to invest in is a big decision! In this course we’re going over all the things that make up a lens, and what kinds of lenses to use for which types of shots. Using a good quality lens can make a HUGE difference in the quality of your image, and I have some tried + true recommendations for you here!


Module 1 — Focal Lengths, Aperture Notation, Mirrorless Lenses vs Non-Mirrorless Lenses, + Full Frame vs Cropped Frame Lenses

Module 2 — Zoom, Prime, and Tilt-Shift Lenses, + Which Lenses to Use for Different Environments

lesson THREE

Being able to work with and manipulate natural light makes a huge difference in overall image quality. Working with natural light is free (woohoo!), but that also means that when the weather changes the light changes. A conundrum, for sure! There are things you can do to make it work to your advantage though, and once you understand the important role light plays in images, and what types of light work best, you’ll be a photography master.


Module 1 — Natural Light + White Balance

Module 2 — Artificial Fill Light for Natural Light Photographers + Recommended Gear

Module 3 — Advanced Natural Lighting Techniques

Module 4 — Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

Module 5 — Advanced Artificial Lighting

In Lesson 3, we'll go over:

Learning and tuning into your visual voice is essential in creating a style that clearly conveys you + your brand. Styling is something that most folks struggle with, but do not fret! There are actual tools and techniques you can use to create a visually compelling image that BOTH resonates with viewers AND tells your story. Let’s dive in!

lesson FOUR

In Lesson 4, we'll go over:


Module 1 — Composition + Balance
Module 2 — Color Theory
Module 3 — Props + Shooting Surfaces + Backdrops
Module 4 — Plating Dishes for the Camera
Module 5 — Visual Storytelling Strategies
Module 6 — Advanced Composition Theory

lesson FIVE

With all the algorithm changes, growing on social media can definitely be tricky at first. However, there are lots of tools + strategies out there for you to use that will help you reach your key audience, and we’re diving into all of them in this portion of the course! Honing in on what makes your brand unique visually + what you have to offer to your following is a key part of that process, too, so we’ll also focus on that. Get ready to learn all about branding, instagram, pinterest, email lists, and client communication!


Module 1 — Visual Branding
Module 2 — Making the Most of Instagram
Module 3 — Pinterest Strategy
Module 4 — Your Email List
Module 5 — Client Communication

In Lesson 5, we'll go over:

lesson SIX

The ability to transform an image from ‘okay’ to ‘ah-mazing’ in Lightroom is nothing short of mind-blowing. This application was made specifically for editing photographs, and has all the tools you’ll ever need to correct anything that might be bothering you about any image. Don’t like that stray cat hair? Gone! Annoyed by how dark the tabletop turned out? It’s brightened back up in a couple of seconds! We’re diving deep into the full Lightroom suite, including Classic CC, Desktop CC, and Mobile CC, and I’m going to show you the true magic of their editing powers.


Module 1 — Lightroom Classic - Library Tab + Importing + Collections
Module 2 — Lightroom Classic - Presets + Develop Tab
Module 3 — Lightroom Classic - Tool Panel in V10.9 or earlier + Exporting
Module 4 — Lightroom Classic - Updated Tool Panel in V11.0 or later
Module 5 — How to Edit a Still-Life Image
Module 6 — How to Edit a Motion-Based Image
Module 7 — How to Edit an Image with Skin Tone
Module 8 — How I Edit in Lightroom Classic V11.0 or later
Module 9 — Lightroom Preset Best Practices
Module 10 — Editing in Lightroom Mobile CC
Module 11 — Editing in Lightroom Desktop CC

In Lesson 6, we'll go over:

lesson seven

Cinemagraphs *consistently* give me the best engagement on social media, and I can’t recommend making them highly enough. The motion they capture allows you to create a sense of presence + reality within the frame. Plus, the fact that you can also edit the photo aspect of the image in Lightroom, means that you can easily create a video that is completely in line with your overall visual style. It’s an incredible method for creative storytelling, and an awesome tool to use for growing on social media.


Module 1 — Shooting a Cinemagraph
Module 2 — Editing a Cinemagraph

In Lesson 7, we'll go over:

All of the 13+ hours of pre-recorded video tutorials are permanent resources for you to go through at your own pace and rewatch as many times as you'd like, at any time. You have lifetime access to all the course content, from videos to pdf guides to bonuses.

You won't be left on your own with no one to answer your questions. Instead, I'll be there for you, LIVE, for the whole year, to answer any and all of your questions on zoom each month. It lays a foundation of resources you'll have in your creative toolkit for years to come, while giving you that personal + live support as you grow!

It's BOTH!

Is it live or can I go at my own pace?

This is the only photography COURSE that offers both.

I believe that the combination of both permanent *and* live resources makes the best possible learning experience. And I want you to make leaps and bounds in your abilities! 💪

We also have LIVE course Q&A discussions on zoom EVERY MONTH for 1 year to answer any questions that have come up as you're going through the material and putting it into practice 🙌