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30 Food + Lifestyle LUT Video Presets (.CUBE files)

Installation Tutorials for Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve, and VN 

Incredibly easy to use with popular desktop video editing programs + the free VN mobile app

Instant download

Lifetime access + resends if you lose the files


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In this bundled collection, you'll get 30 LUT video presets. Designed to make daily life look it's very best, these LUTs are your quick and easy solution to beautifying your videos in just a few clicks! Included in this Bundle are the Food LUT and Lifestyle LUT collections, my installation tutorial videos, and a best-practices guide for LUTs.

Video Preset Bundle


NOTE: If you are a Vertical Video Course student or alumni, the Lifestyle LUTs collection is already included in your course bonuses.

In Action


LUTs are basically presets for video files. They're a quick and easy way to elevate your food video footage and make it look extra-delicous and vibrant.

What are LUTs?

Each LUT is specifically calibrated towards either a specific type of dish, like the colors + textures of salads or meat dishes, or a specific type of stylistic look, like bright + poppy or faded + vintage, or highlighting a specific color in the dish, like the reds of berries or golden hues of egg yolks. This makes it easy to find the exact LUT that fits + flatters your food subject!

What's special about these LUTs?

Once you purchase the LUTs, you'll be sent a digital file that includes links to video tutorials as well as the LUTs themselves. It's super easy and simple! All you need to do is:

  1. Take a video with your camera or smart phone
  2. Use desktop video editing programs or the free VN smart phone video editing app to apply the LUT
  3. Export your video, and that's it! Easy peasy!

You'll also get a PDF guide explaining how to make the best use of your new LUTs, and have lifetime access to the LUTs and installation video tutorials!

How to use Lifestyle LUTs

These LUTs can be used in any video editing application that supports the .cube file format.

Software that supports .cube files includes: Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, VN mobile app, After Effects, Sony Vegas, Speedgrade, and more!


Yes! These LUTs are nuanced and will work both on footage shot with a camera and on footage shot with a smart phone. You won't get the extreme harsh effects that comes from using generic LUTs made for landscape or movies. Instead you'll get an appealing, gentle application that elevates your dishes to their very best!

Can I use them if I shoot on my Phone or my Camera?


Yes! If you ever have your computer crash, hard drive deleted, or plain-old lose them in your downloads folder, just send us an email and we'll resend them over to you, always!

Yep! In addition to being compatible with the most popular desktop editing applications, you can also use the LUTs on the VN mobile app to quickly edit on your smart phone. And we have a video tutorial on installing them on your smart phone via the app, too!

Yes! Just log into your course, go to the course home page, and you can see the discount code in the sidebar 🥳

Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds.

Of course! We have multiple video tutorials for installing them on different platforms, including DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and the VN mobile app. Plus a PDF guide explaining how to strategically use + get the most out of your new LUTs.